Stylehaus is a retail design firm that operates through a mobile app. The app is geared towards start-up retailers and consignment shops that cannot design their own retail space due to the lack of funds or resources. A retailer can download the mobile app where they can submit an application by giving the details of their current space and what they would like their space to look like. Once the retailer submits their application to Stylehaus, the team of designers will then provide a Styleguide by mail. The Styleguide is a guidebook comprised of a mock-up of the designed display and do-it-yourself projects that the retailer can use to implement the designs to their retail space.

For this project I wanted to advance my skills and experiences with user interface and illustration design. As this was my senior capstone project, I felt that this was the perfect time to push my boundaries and create something out of my comfort zone. 

view my: process book | wireframes | architecture | poster display

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